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We all want to have the most magnificent and beautiful website for our business that leaves the visitor spell bound and amazed. A website with vibrant colour theme, graphics and lots of flash is a feast to the eyes but it increases the page size which in turn makes it heavy and slows the process of downloading the page to the browser. With the average bandwidth rate per computer increasing, the webmasters are developing complex websites with multiple interactive functions and heavy graphical elements. These features make them bulky and it takes too long to load. But if your developer is well versed in the art and science of graphic optimization techniques then you do not need to compromise with the beautiful graphics.

There are websites which take too long to load that at times users don’t wait and move on to the next one in the search results. So what is the point in having such a fantastic design which no one has patience to see? Well it does not mean that designing and developing an attractive website kill it’s prospects. It happens only when the developer is unaware of the simple graphic optimization techniques. Most of the developers do not know that a box with rounded corners can be created with CSS code only and do not require any graphic image. Most of the graphic designers will jump guns at this saying it cannot be done for all types of browsers.

At Panache we do not restrict our designers from creating a wonderful page design that leaves a visitor dazzled. But it doesn’t mean that we let our clients struggle with heavy, bulky and difficult to load websites. On the contrary we have a specialized team of developers that optimize the web pages for search engines without compromising on their aesthetic value.

Advance Graphic Optimization
Panache knows that optimizing a website for its graphics is lot more than just image optimization. Graphic optimization calls for some advanced techniques that require for a high level of programming. CSS2 skill set has much more to offer than CSS. Though most of the developers are not trained for it. Also JavaScript can weave the magic of brilliance and can create effects without unnecessarily overloading the page with flash. However it is easy to use the advance flash based applications but going for the difficult task of creating the same effect in JavaScript makes a page light and easy to load. With our time taking and effort putting techniques you can have an attractive professional website that loads quickly.

So if you are looking for expert web designing company in USA or best web designing company in USA then your search ends at Panache.

Website Designing Pacakages Our Design and Development Services Include
Web solutions
Panache offers easy to navigate and user friendly interactive web designs for static and dynamic websites.
E- Commerce solutions
We develop various e- commerce solutions like Shopping carts, payment gateway integrations etc.
Flash Development
Flash development including action scripts, Online Flash games, Flash applications, Flash presentations, Flash animation, Flash Templates, Flash Banners etc.
Open source Development
We offer various open source development solutions like WordPress, Joomla, Magento and Drupal, PHP & MySQL, PHP Nuke, Zend and .net Nuke development etc.
Ellen White
Client’s Domain : www.ellenwhite.com
Nature of Work : Photographer
Client’s Domain : www.astrosciencewonders.com
Nature of Work : Astrology
Aries International
Client’s Domain : www.ariesinternational.com
Nature of Work : Humain Hair Exporters


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